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No Country Family Guide

No Country Teacher's Guide

20180324_Tarek Atoui_ERG.pdf
Tarek Atoui The Ground: From the Land to the Sea Education Resource Guide

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Since the establishment of the first human settlements in the late 19th century, the ecosystem of Christmas Island—a small volcanic outcrop in the Indian Ocean which was transferred from Singapore to Australia in 1958—underwent dramatic changes.…

The Oceanic_Activity Booklet.pdf
The Oceanic Activity Booklet

20171209_The Oceanic_EP.pdf
The Oceanic Education Resource Guide

20170527_Ulrike Ottinger_ERG.pdf
Ulrike Ottinger Education Resource Guide

VIT_AWG_Kin Chui_01.jpg
Envisioned in 1956 by Indonesian artist Iljas Hussein*, along waves of gravity –a solidar y of holes was to be a monument to the short-lived Principal Liaison Centre (PLC) established in Singapore in 1926. Pivotal in the international surge of…

Amar Kanwar_Exhibition Guide.pdf
Amar Kanwar: The Sovereign Forest in collaboration with Sudhir Pattnaik/Samadrusti and Sherna Dastur Exhibition Guide

LAB_CT_Amy & Enzo 01.jpg
How are aspects of Southeast Asian modern art imaginatively engaged in contemporary practices—by artists, by archivists, and by others? This presentation pairs two ongoing research projects, which draw on histories of modern art in Southeast Asia…
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