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Published by NTU CCA Singapore and The MIT Press, 2022 Edited by Ute Meta BauerDesign by mono.studioPrinted by DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH© 2022 the artists, the authors, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, Nanyang Technological…

19 Jan 2020, Sun 01:00 PM - 05:00 PM The Seminar Room, Blk 43 Malan Road The presence and roles of different species within urban metropolitan environments are often overlooked or not perceived at all, even if they represent fundamental components of…

The Posthuman City_EG.pdf
The Posthuman City. Climates. Habitats. Environments Exhibition Guide


Animali Domestici, Bangkok Opportunistic Ecologies, 2019, printed synthetic fabric canvas, embroidery, 300 x 300 cm. The Posthuman City. Climates. Habitats. Environments. (2019), NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore.
Currently, more than half of the world’s human population lives in urban areas. Urban growth poses challenges to the various city dwellers, and creates material demands that cause lasting damage to the wider environment. The climate crisis is already…
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