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1 Mar 2017, Wed 07:30 PM - 09:00 PM Studio #01-04, Block 37 Malan Road As part of The Making of an Institution, Artist-in-Residence Thao-Nguyen Phan explores what artistic research means in the context of her practice and how it has been developing…

NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore is proud to present the latest publication of its Artist’s Book Series, Voyages de Rhodes by former Artist-in-Residence Thảo Nguyên Phan (Vietnam). Published and commissioned by the Centre, Voyages de Rhodes…

Thao-Nguyen Phan will expand her research on the introduction of the Latin alphabet as a writing system in Vietnam, exploring how the same transition occurred in other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the…

Thao-Phan Nguyen focuses on historical events, traditional narratives through a combination of painting, video, performance, and installation.
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