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Interested in the idea of landscapes as a quiet witness to history, artist Nguyen Trinh Thi collects and compilates hundreds of images in which anonymous persons are portrayed pointing towards seemingly empty locations within a landscape. Taken by…

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Saleh Husein is an artist and musician. His visual practice is often anchored on archival documents approached with quasiscientific precision to contest the division between memory and experience.

20150123_Residencies OPEN-The Time Show_Koh Nuguang How_03.jpeg
Koh Nguang How is an artist and independent researcher on Singaporean contemporary art.

Simryn Gill_Exhibition Guide.pdf
Simryn Gill: Hugging the Shore Exhibition Guide

As part of her residency, Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn will expand on The Archive as a Subject, a long-term project that positions photographs and other vernacular artefacts at the junction of the private and the public, as well as the personal and the…

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Koh Nguang How is an artist and independent researcher on Singapore art. His project, Singapore Art Archive Project @ Centre for Contemporary Art (SAAP@CCA) encompasses material touching the Singapore art scene from the 1920s until the arrival of the…
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