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4 April - 31 August 2022
NTU CCA Singapore

This episode features a conversation between two artists who work primarily with painting: our Artist-in-Residence Hilmi Johandi and Singaporean artist and educator Ian Woo. In this peer-to-peer exchange between thoughtful image-makers, Hilmi and Ian…

Starting off from an existing body of work titled Landscapes and Paradise—a painting series inspired by tourist postcards and posters depicting Singapore in the 1980s and 1990s—Hilmi Johandi intends to frame his long-term enquiry into the relation…

In this episode, curator Samantha Yap digs deep into the practice of Artist-in-Residence Fazleen Karlan. We are happy to bring the two of them back together, after they first collaborated a couple of year ago on an exhibition titled Time…

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