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Simryn Gill_Exhibition Guide.pdf
Simryn Gill: Hugging the Shore Exhibition Guide

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The rich visual language of Dana Awartani’s (b. 1987, Saudi Arabia) paintings, sculptures, and textile installations incorporate traditional Islamic art forms into contemporary aesthetics. Engaging with the relationship between geometry and nature,…

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Since 2014, Min Thein Sung has been collecting historical, sociological, and material data for the project Mr Tailor had a dream last night: a soft-sculpture installation made of raw linen fabrics that recreates a small tailor shop, a space for…

Furthering his own interests into the histories and properties of materials, during the residency Richard Streitmatter-Tran plans to engage with an active studio practice and to experiment with both animate and inanimate materials from Southeast Asia…

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Investigating Singapore’s role within the growing global phenomenon of “green cities”, Coburn will pursue research into Singapore’s development from “Garden City” to “City in a Garden”. He aims to delve into historical and emerging notions of green…

In this lecture Regina Möller will introduce her label embodiment and draw attention to her selective use of materials and textiles to (re)write stories. In 1994 Möller founded the label embodiment under which she designs art works as prototypes,…
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