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As part of the Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance held in Taipei in 2019, Han Xuemei began to research rest as a form of resistance, investigating the living conditions and the resting practices enacted by Indonesian and…

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23 August 2014 Keynote Lecture: Screening theatrical phantasms: Toward an uncertain futurity Speaker: Timothy Murray

23 August 2014 Roundtable Discussion Speakers: Dr Eva Meyer Eran Schaerf Professor Ute Meta Bauer Moderator: Ong Keng Sen

23 August 2014 Speaker: Eran Schaerf

23 August 2014 Speaker: Dr Eva Meyer Keynote Lecture: Life or Theatre? Events So Far...

5 Sep 2014, Fri 7:30pm - 9:00pm Miguel Escobar Varela’s presentation will focus on the contemporary Javanese Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppetry and radical re-elaborations forms of this performance tradition. Miguel Escobar is a translator, web programmer…
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