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Basic Object of Knowledge [B.O.O.K.]: The Contemporary Book And Its Model guide as part of Singapore Art Book Fair 2014.

Jef Geys_School Posters.pdf
Jef Geys Quadra Medicinale Singapore Education Poster

20210121_Exhibition_Free Jazz III_Poster.pdf

20210116_Exhibition_Free Jazz III_Exhibition Guide_Digital.pdf

free jazz activity cards.pdf

Free Jazz calendar.pdf

Chinese New Year 2021 Web_ila.pdf
2021 Chinese New Year Card

Lunar new year card 2019_Shubigi Rao.pdf
2019 Chinese New Year Card

Lunar new year card 2016_Yang Fudong.pdf
2016 Chinese New Year Card

2020_10-3 October – March 2021 Brochure.pdf
2020 Oct – 2021 Mar Quarterly Brochure
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