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Bruce Quek is a young artist who works with whatever seems appropriate at the time, often producing things that don’t seem to mean anything. This tendency might be traced to his training in sculpture at LASALLE, which often saw him scrounging for serendipitous pieces of scrap metal. His projects tend to take the distribution and dissemination of information as starting points for various conceptual investigations, critiques of artistic infrastructure, and other wanderings. He takes an interest in many things, but maintains an unhealthy fascination with emergent behaviour, pathological transference, and puns. All of his endeavours are frequently threatened by the seductive allure of reading random things online, out of a vague belief in the value of consuming as much information as possible. In addition to practicing as an artist, he is involved with the art world on a number of other levels, from writing criticism and assisting the Independent Archive, to plain old gallery sitting. His recent and upcoming projects have included participating in the traveling show Time of others, as well as an upcoming group exhibition, PPC | 珍珠坊: A Public Living Room. In 2016’s first edition of the Monday Moot, he’ll be speaking about his recent work and practice in the various roles he plays, including in-depth discussion of his recent and upcoming works. Bruce was manager to the Independent Archive (IA), founded by the late Lee Wen in 2012.

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