Nina Djekić – Approximities (2020)

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Nina Djekić – Approximities (2020)




Approximities (2020) HD Video 16 Min 40 Sec


Approximities presents us with a series of seemingly everyday vignettes. However, as the characters move in and out of the frame, the scenes increasingly gain an air of artifice.

The film builds on my experiences visiting a local park while living in Singapore. Spending long stretches of time at the park without a particular aim in mind, it has allowed my thoughts to roam freely and gently, amidst the company of strangers. One by one, alongside the scenery and vegetation, these strangers became a familiar presence.

Reconstituting this familiar park space through my memories, I engaged with a group of friends in a long-distance choreography of enacting and translation. This process is a paradoxical task of establishing common ground within an artificially constructed situation.

Can we think of a park as a virtual space or vice versa, that enables us to gather regardless of physical distance? How do we rearticulate proximity under those conditions?

How do we spend time?


Born in 1989 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Nina Djekić is an artist and choreographer based in between Singapore and the Netherlands. She graduated with a BA in choreography from School for New Dance Development and an MFA from Sandberg Instituut, both in Amsterdam. Her work revolves around choreographic notions in exhibitionary settings. It looks at the bodily engagements between the artwork and the visitor as well as the affect the uncanny presence of artworks has on the relationship between the visitors themselves. Often conflating the conventions of writing with the scoring of movement, her curiosity lies in the relation between embodiment and language. Central to this is the notion of empathy, as an ability to be moved (physically and/or otherwise) and how to choreograph it. Website:


1 December 2020 - 28 March 2021





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Nina Djekić – Approximities (2020)

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