George Chua – Seven Legged Spider Dance Troupe (2020)

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George Chua – Seven Legged Spider Dance Troupe (2020)



Seven Legged Spider Dance Troupe (2020) HD Video 19 Min 45 Sec


An electrician, a cardboard lady, a dwarf and a crippled chicken rice hawker. Together, they dance with seven legs. These are the nameless bodies only known by their vocation and physical handicaps.

They were immersed in oppression and yet developed a dispassion towards evil. They carry evil in their bodies but were not evil themselves. Rather, evil had been done to them and had marked their bodies with its effects.

I am dancing their dance, yet I am not them. Their flesh is smeared in these isolated rooms, yet their anguish cannot be isolated. Though full of anguish, I must tell of this secret joy.

I have known them as characters in my head yet they became unknowable by me, hence unnameable. That which was unnameable was forced upon with a name of a malformed insect, in the name of art.

This work was conceptualised in 2007 but shelved. A time of reflection during the COVID Pandemic brought this work to light again. Dedicated to the memory of my two aunts who committed suicide when I was a child. I remember you.


1 December 2020 - 28 March 2021




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George Chua – Seven Legged Spider Dance Troupe (2020)

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“George Chua – Seven Legged Spider Dance Troupe (2020),” NTU CCA Singapore Digital Archive, accessed July 18, 2024,

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