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Currently based in Singapore, Mike Chang’s recent works examine the concept of dwelling and home, being (and looking at) a stranger, and the overlapping of public and private spaces. Through working with architectural elements (doors, staircases, furniture), texts (speeches, monologues, letter writings), and the body (tattoos, performances), he creates narratives that explore the ambiguous relationships that exist in the everyday, resulting in works that are at times humorous, pathetic, or self-righteous.

Chang received his MFA from California Institute of the Arts (2008), and a BA from University of California, Los Angeles, USA (2006). In 2007, he was awarded The California Institute of the Arts Interdisciplinary Grant. Chang was a resident artist at Redgate Gallery in Beijing in 2006 and the artist-in-resident at The Artist Village’s Pulau Ubin Artist Residency Programme in Singapore in 2012. He is currently the resident artist at Nanyang Girls High School, Singapore. Chang’s works has been shown in many cities including Track 16 Gallery in Los Angeles, USA; Austin Museum of Art, USA; Arthouse in Texas, USA; Dobaebacsa in Seoul, Korea; Yokobo Art Space in Tokyo, Japan; with Hayama Projects Collective at The Warehouse Project in Yokohama, Japan; and Post-Museum and Port Tumasik in Singapore.

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