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LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

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Artist and musician

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Ian Woo is an artist and musician influenced by forms of modernism, perceptual abstraction and the sound structures of music improvisation. His paintings and drawings are characterised by a sense of gravitational and representational change.

As an educator, Ian leads the MA Fine Arts programme which focuses on developing artistic practice as research. He developed the curriculum for studio practice research through validations by Open University and Goldsmiths University. He has supervised artists who have had representations in the Venice and Singapore Biennale, as such, he has been instrumental in shaping the artistic profile and history of Singapore art since the turn of the millennium. Ian has exhibited globally and his works are in the collection of major institutions such as ABN AMRO, Singapore Art Museum, The Istana Singapore, National Gallery Singapore, UBS, and the Mint Museum of Craft & Design, USA.

His paintings were featured in the publication Art of the New Cities: 21st Century Avant-Gardes, a publication by Phaidon Press, 2013. Since 2016, together with Beth Harland, David Thomas and Laura Lisbon, Ian has been part of the experimental painting collaborative project Impermanent Durations – On Painting and Time. As a musician, Ian has composed and performed on the bass guitar with ID and Qianpima. He has performed at Singapore’s C.H.O.P.P.A Experimental Music Festival from 2008–2017.

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