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Yen Yen Woo is an entrepreneur, multimedia creator, professor of education and ethnographic researcher with a passion for culture hacking. Yen Yen co-founded TalkingCock.com, the hugely popular satirical website in Singapore together with Colin Goh. TalkingCock.com garnered 4 million page views a month, and had been featured by Time Magazine, Wired, The Economist, the BBC, and was even debated in Singapore’s parliament. Yen Yen co-edited The Coxford Singlish Dictionary, a bestselling lexicon of Singaporean vernacular English that the Times of London pronounced “invaluable”. Singapore Dreaming, the second feature film that Yen Yen and Colin wrote, directed, and produced, won the Montblanc New Screenwriters Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival and the Best Asian/Middle Eastern Film Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival. A former Research Fellow and Lecturer at Teachers College, Columbia University, Yen Yen was an Associate Professor at Long Island University in New York, where she taught graduate courses in curriculum development, social foundations of education, and research methods. Turning to Asia, she was invited by National Central University and the Ministry of Science and Technology to be a visiting professor of innovative pedagogy and new publishing. She is currently CEO of Yumcha Studios Pte Ltd, a language-learning education technology company that fuses the power of great stories, proprietary characters and leading-edge pedagogy with multimedia content channels. Yen Yen is the co-creator of Dim Sum Warriors, a comics series published by Scholastic in Asia, and a stage musical that toured 25 cities to an audience of over 30,000 in China.

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