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Kathleen Ditzig is a Singaporean researcher and curator. In 2021, she won the IMPART Curatorial Award. She is currently a curator at NGS in Singapore.

Her curatorial practice aspires to the iterative and meaningful building of networks and platforms. It has involved the development of artist residencies, publications and exhibitions for museums and government agencies.

Driven by collaborative research, her independent curatorial practice has unfolded through collectives like offshoreart.co (developed with Robin Lynch and Debbie Ding), which looks at financial flows and extrastatecraft through the artworld, and Afro-Southeast Asia Affinities (developed with Carlos Quijon Jr.), which has been supported by KONNECT ASEAN and been part of the digital platform South- South.

Beyond exhibitions, her research and writing has been published by MoMA Post, Southeast of Now (NUS Press), Afterall, Artforum, OSMOS magazine, Art Agenda, Art Review Asia and Flash Art, and in books including Perhaps it is high Time for a Xeno-Architecture to Match (Sternberg, 2018).

Since 2018, she has worked with Studio Vanessa Ban on External Assessment Summer School, Singapore's first independent art and design summer school programme.

She is currently pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Ute Meta Bauer and Patrick Flores. Her ongoing PhD project is an exhibitionary history of Southeast Asia (1943-1981) that charts out the 'regioning' through exhibitions by non-institutional agents and considers Southeast Asia as more that geopolitical or geocultural co-rodinates. She has written about exhibitionary histories from Southeast Asia in relation to US Cold War cultural infrastructure.

In addition, Kathleen is also currently researching art histories of technology from a Southeast Asian perspective.

A selection of her published work can be found on Academia: https://independent.academia.edu/kathleenditzig

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