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Beatriz Colomina


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Princeton University, United States

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Howard Crosby Butler Professor of the History of Architecture, Princeton University

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Beatriz Colomina is the Howard Crosby Butler Professor of the History of Architecture at Princeton University and the founding director of the Media and Modernity Program at Princeton University. She writes and curates on questions of design, art, sexuality, and media, and her writings have been translated into more than twenty-five languages. Her books include Sexuality and Space (Princeton Architectural Preess, 1992); Privacy and Publicity: Modern Architecture as Mass Media (MIT Press, 1994); Domesticity at War (MIT Press abd Actar, 2007); Clip/Stamp/Fold: The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines 196X-197X (Actar, 2010); Manifesto Architecture" The Ghost of Mies (Sternberg, 2014); The Century of the Bed (Verlag fur Moderne Kunst) and Are We Human? Notes on the Archaelogy of Design (Lars Müller, 2016). Her lates books are X=Ray Architecture (Lars Müller, 2019) and Radical Pedagogies (MIT Press, 2022). SHe has curated a number of exhibitions, including Clip/Sand/Fold (2006-13), Radical Idealogies (2014-15), Liquid La Havana (2018), The 24/7 Bed (2018) and Sick Architecture (2022). In 2016, she was chief currator with Mark Wigley of the 3rd Instanbul Design Biennale.In 2018 she was awarded am honorary doctorate by KTH,   Royal Institute of Technology in Stockhom, and in 2020, she ws awarded the Ada Louise Huxtable prixe for her contributions to the field of architecture.

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“Beatriz Colomina,” NTU CCA Singapore Digital Archive, accessed May 19, 2024,

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