Hervé Raimana Lallemant-Moe

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Hervé Raimana Lallemant-Moe


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Hervé Raimana

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University of French Polynesia


French Polynesia


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Dr Hervé Raimana Lallemant-Moe (French Polynesia) is a member of the Governance and Insular Development Research Team (GDI - University of French Polynesia) and the Center of International Law (CDI - University of Lyon III). His research interests include environmental law, international law, and oversea communities’ legal issues, particularly for French Polynesia, and his specialty is climate change legal issues. Lallemant-Moe is teaching law at the University of French Polynesia, where he is an alumnus. He also graduated from the University of Western Brittany (France) and the University of South Pacific (Fiji). Lallemant-Moe is the assistant of Maina Sage, Member of the French National Assembly (French Parliament). He previously worked several years for the Polynesian Government and was a member of the High Council of French Polynesia, a group of legal experts who served as advisors to the President of the country.

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