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Jegan Vincent de Paul (Sri Lanka, Canada/ Singapore) was a PhD candidate at the NTU ADM and NTU CCA Singapore. His dissertation considers the role of research- based artistic production in creating new understandings of contemporary geopolitical events; his thesis critically examines China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its impact on the ethnic conflicts of Burma, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Vincent de Paul has a Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto (2007) and completed his Master of Science in Visual Studies at the MIT Visual Arts Program (2009). He has worked as a researcher and designer with artists and cultural organisations, including Ai Weiwei (Beijing), LOT-EK (New York), and the MIT Museum (Boston). He was a research fellow and lecturer at the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (2011–12), where he researched the intersec- tion of energy and society, and taught courses on creative responses to conflict and crises.

He has collaborated with NTU CCA Singapore on several occasions, one of which was an Exhibition (de)Tour in May 2016 as part of Charles Lim Yi Yong’s exhibition SEA STATE.

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