Session II: Presentation – “Colonial Unheimlich” by Park Chan-kyong

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Session II: Presentation – “Colonial Unheimlich” by Park Chan-kyong


28 Oct 2017, Sat

On the occasion of the exhibition Ghost and Spectres – Shadows of History curated by Professor Ute Meta Bauer and Khim Ong, and the 4th anniversary of NTU CCA Singapore

SESSION II: GHOSTS AND SPECTRES 2.30 – 4.30pm Presentation: “Colonial Unheimlich” Artist Park Chan-kyong

"...if a critique of Orientalism avoids the object of its criticism it is also unsound. Criticising Orientalism is fine, but a more flexible approach within the structure of Orientalism itself should be entailed in the criticism. Criticism of Orientalism should be better than Orientalism itself or contain certain surpassing elements within it. The criticism and the exceeder may conflict with each other. Even the critical reflection of 'what is not Orientalism' my be derived from the outer, especially Western perspectives. This is imperative: what we can do in between escaping the Orientalist structure and demystifying it may even include intentional use of Orientalism..." (From The Phantom of "Minjok Art"  by Park Chan-kyong)








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Session II: Presentation – “Colonial Unheimlich” by Park Chan-kyong

This session deals with notices of ghots and spectres as allegories to historical moments and dreamlike realities. Embedded in myths and folklore traditions, what roles do they play in constructing an understanding of the past and in reflecting socio-political circumstances? How do cinematic works engage its medium-specificity in a play of historical phantoms of repressed collective memories to create a language for portaying trauma, loss, dreams, and nightmares?

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