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Bodies of Power/Power for Bodies

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Bodies of Power / Power for Bodies (Indonesia) is an independent curatorial platform exploring the social role and political agency of art practice, initiated by Sanne Oorthuizen and Alec Steadman. Current projects include Struggles for Sovereignty: Land, Water, Farming, Food, a one-year program on social and ecological justice, co-curated with Bakudapan Food Study Group; A Pond is the Reverse of an Island, a project acting together and thinking together with refugee communities and informal kampungs in Jakarta; and Publishing Solidarity, a children’s colouring book, developed with Anang Saptoto and Mumtaz Khan Chopan to share the story of refugees in Kalideres and raise funds to support them during COVID-19. Previously, Sanne and Alec were Co-Chief Curator’s at Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society.

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