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Marian Pastor Roces



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Pastor Roces

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2014, 2021




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Marian Pastor Roces is a cultural critic and independent curator whose research interests include cities, international contemporary art events, museums, 19th-century expositions and the politics of nature. With TAO Inc., a museum developemtn corporation she founded in 1997, Pastor Roces has established and "re-curated" a number of major Philippines musuems. She has been awarded a grant to convene an international conference on the politics of beauty by the Prince Claus Fund, was selected by the Japan Foundation to be parrt of the Asian Leaders Fellowship Programme, and was a member of the evaluation team sent ot the Dakar Biennal by the Mondriaan Foundation. With Brian Trust Inc., a think tank in which she is a partner, Pastor Roces co-writee the Mindanao Peace and Development Plan currently being implemented in the troubled south of the Philippines. Among her contributions to institutional criticism is the essay on biennals, "Crystal Palace Exhibitions".

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