Hoo Fan Chon

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Hoo Fan Chon


22 February - 22 May 2022
Artist-in-Residence at HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme (Finland)

Born into a fisherman’s family that regularly hosted and attended seafood banquets, fish has always been a mainstay in Fan Chon’s diet. In recent years, fish has also become a recurring motif in his practice. Foreign invasive species, such as the Tilapia fish, mythical creatures, such as the half-dragon half-fish Shachihoko ubiquitous in Japanese culture, and the dolphins on George Town’s municipal coat of arms regularly appear in his work. Fan Chon understands food consumption as a constant negotiation between nature and culture inflected by social norms. During the residency, he intends to research the plating aesthetic and the obsession with freshness, exemplified by aquarium displays of live fish, typical of Chinese culture. Specifically, he will explore banquet dining practices of diasporic Chinese communities in Finland and Finland’s own fish culture, consumptions habits, and industry. At the same time, he will also explore the host country with an open mind looking for accidental discoveries of cultural artefacts and practices that might appear foreign and yet familiar.


22 February - 22 May 2022


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Through this residency, Fan Chon will exercise his ideas and share his projects with audiences with different cultural backgrounds and material sensibilities to germinate productive questions and trajectories. He plans to visit local cultural institutions and grassroots initiatives. With the help of curators and other practitioners, he would also like to take the opportunity to reflect on and consolidate his past projects into a larger cohesive practice, and to find a balance between object-based artmaking and research-led projects.





Commissioned Work



The World is Your Restaurant – Commercial Marine Fish of Malaysia, 2021
Mud-chihoko on Komtar, 2021
Riding the waves in search of the great bird (駕浪尋鵬), 2019
The Blue and White Collection, 2010-12



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