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T H E P A R A D I S E (L O S T) 3 positions becoming towards full catastrophe living = state of body (lost) Disappearance (cloud’s) Shroud (inside-outside) Horizontal (mountains-lake) T O D I S A P P E A R : C O V E R : T R A N S F O R M A B S…

The Disappearance_ Exhibition guide.pdf
The Disappearance Exhibition Guide

The Disappearance, 5 April –6 April 2014, Laure Prouvost, Eva 43 years old (2002). Photograph by Clare Bottomley.
The Disappearance situates itself in the architectural setting of a previous exhibition Paradise Lost. It works with what is left out: the traces of the show in the space; its echoes in our memory, The Disappearance conceals and reveals: what has…
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