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This ongoing research project is inspired by Amar Kanwar’s The Sovereign Forest. Referencing Kanwar’s artistic approach, The Haze: An Inquiry brought together people from different disciplines in a focus group that takes the haze situation in…

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On the occasion of the launch of the Digital Resource Platform, NTU CCA Singapore is presenting a selection of materials from Singapore’s Independent Archive (IA), a research and resource platform dedicated to time-based media, established by…

Paradise Lost_exhibition guide.pdf
Paradise Lost Exhibition Guide

Theatrical Fields_Exhibition Guide.pdf
Theatrical Fields Exhibition Guide

Yang Fudong_Exhibition Guide.pdf
Yang Fudong: Incidental Scripts Exhibition Guide

Simryn Gill_Exhibition Guide.pdf
Simryn Gill: Hugging the Shore Exhibition Guide

Allan Sekula_Exhibition Guide.pdf
Allan Sekula: Fish Story, to be continued Exhibition Guide

Tomas Saraceno_Exhibition Guide.pdf
Tomás Saraceno: Arachnid Orchestra. Jam Sessions Exhibition Guide

Taking the dis-connections between the three cinematic projects in the exhibition as points of departure, Professor Abraham will engage in a critical conversation about the multiple pasts of what is today called the Global South. A historical…

An introduction to the life and work of Jef Geys, an artist and educator who had, for a large part of his life, produced works and engaged with educational experimentation in the arts that are intimately connected to his locality, yet addresses…
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