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Working on the expansion of global art geographies, Writer-in-Residence Mechtild Widrich has previously focused her analysis on the opening of the National Gallery Singapore. While in residence, Widrich will expand her research and connect with local…

Everything begins from small steps. That was the first thing that came through History of Merchant, a solo exhibition of Husein’s work in 2012. A small-intimate approach to his family journeys, from Hadramaut, in Middle East to South East in…

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Shubigi Rao deals with issues of language, books, archiving and destruction of knowledge in various forms since 2006. Pulp is part of her lifetime project, as an attempt to bridge languages/histories/cultures and civilisations in a globalised world…

Understanding art making as a form of social critique, in 2016 Wu Mali embarked on a long-term project titled Cijin’s Tongue. Set up with the support of the National Sun Yat-sen University in the kitchen of a former military dormitory in Cijin…

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Darcy Lange: Hard, however, and useful is the small, day-to-day work Programme Guide

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Exhibit 101: Li Ran and Gary Ross Pastrana Programme Guide

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This public conversation addresses the possibilities and uncertainties faced by societies within and beyond the boundaries of Southeast Asia, focusing on the notion of national representation and its challenges: How are geopolitical boundaries…
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