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Object-orientated ontology (OOO) is a 21st-century school of thought that rejects the primacy of human existence over non-human objects, thus generating different perspectives on ecological thinking. Combining an ongoing interest in natural…

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Studio of Artist-in-Residence Yuen Chee Wai, October 2021 - March 2022, NTU CCA Singapore.
Drawing on his multidisciplinary sensibility in music-making, design, and curating, Yuen Chee Wai will dedicate the residency to explore the liminality between installation, situation, and performance researching possible spatial, visual, and sonic…

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Yason Banal’s work-in-progress is inspired by a conceptual astronomy around abstraction and document, ranging from Jose Rizal’s transglobal coordination and Isabelo Delos Reyes’ experimental archive amidst 19th century politics and anti-imperialist…

Yason Banal is an artist and educator. His work spans from photography to video, installation, text, and performance, deploying varied conceptual strategies to explore links among seemingly divergent systems.


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Yan Jun will recreate his Living Room Tour project, initiated in 2011,the project was developed as a solo project and later with guests to become the Impro Committe collaboration project (2014, Beijing). The Living Room Tour project has to takes…

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Yan Jun is a sound artist and poet. His sound works involve improvised music, field recordings, and site-specific sound events.
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