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20190322_Arus Balik_ERG.pdf
Arus Balik: From below the wind to above the wind and back again Education Resource Guide

BOOK cover.png
Basic Object of Knowledge [B.O.O.K.]: The Contemporary Book And Its Model guide as part of Singapore Art Book Fair 2014.

cities for the people - programme guide - reduced.pdf
CITIES FOR PEOPLE is the pilot edition of the annual NTU CCA Ideas Fest, a platform to catalyse critical exchange of ideas and encourage thinking “out of the box”. It is a bottom-up approach linking the artistic and academic community with grassroots…

ghosts & spectres activity card.pdf
Ghosts and Spectres – Shadows of History Activity Booklet

20170901_Ghosts and Spectres_EP.pdf
Ghosts and Spectres – Shadows of History Education Resource Guide

No Country Family Guide

No Country Teacher's Guide

20180324_Tarek Atoui_ERG.pdf
Tarek Atoui The Ground: From the Land to the Sea Education Resource Guide

The Oceanic_Activity Booklet.pdf
The Oceanic Activity Booklet

20171209_The Oceanic_EP.pdf
The Oceanic Education Resource Guide
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