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Black Baroque Committee

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Black Baroque Committee (BBC) is neither an organised movement, nor a collective. Their approach is neither serious nor frivolous. They despise all hypocritical declarations of good and evil. The textbook dichotomy of optimism and pessimism, or beauty and ugliness, is absurd to all BBC members who had amputated their sentiments. Their experiments are not to be understood as science, their gestures not to be taken as art, their activities are never political, and their words have hardly anything to do with the notion named 'love'. To them, the necessity of such differentiation is as useless as the petit-bourgeois distinction between tiring labour and boring leisure.

Their projects have been included in many exhibitions including Project Glocal: DezipCoding, SAM@8Q, Singapore (2012); Project Glocal: Cityzening, Jorge Vargas Museum University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines (2012); We Don’t Care About the Starving, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK (2011); Postcards from Earth, Objectifs Gallery, Singapore (2011); Abusement Park, The Night Festival 2010, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore.

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