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Ina is an award-winning new media artist. Ina has presented her works at the Ars Electronica Festival, 3D Beyond Festival ZKM, Siggraph Asia Hong Kong, ISEA, Asia Animation Forum PISAF Korea, 3D Stereo MEDIA Liège, the 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival, Paramount Studios Hollywood, FMX Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia Stuttgart. Ina holds Master’s of Fine Art from UCLA. She has been teaching at the California State University Long Beach, at the LASALLE College of the Arts and since 2007 at the Nanyang Technological University. Ina is a member of Union of Slovene Fine Art Arts Association, (ZDSLU), and has been Japan Foundation Fellow since 1991. Currently Associate Professor at the School of Art, Design and Media she has been presented with the Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award 2015 and the Nanyang Education Award 2014 (School) for recognition to the influence of inspirational teaching.

Her recent ongoing project is Media Art Nexus or MAN (2016). Media Art Nexus or MAN is a community public art project that aims at providing a platform for exhibiting interactive digital art created by the multi-disciplinary community of NTU. It would enable students, faculty and public to test fresh ideas and exciting new media for powerful co-creation and expression. Through use of latest multimedia technologies, which are also integrated into the curriculum and will be taught in the class of Assoc Professor Ina Conradi, this project also aims to explore new terrains to enhance digital interactive media and fine art expressions. Conceived with a vision to showcase digital interactive artworks, MAN is created to promote interdisciplinary collaborations in art, design, science, medicine and engineering technologies. MAN is a channel for discourse, exchange, participation and novel expression of the NTU community, local and international artists, scientists, researchers, cultural and art institutions. MAN aims to enhance students’ learning experience and vibrancy on campus. This public art installation is a project of NTU Museum, and is built in collaboration with Associate Professor Ina Conradi- Chavez and new media artist Mark Chavez.

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