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Apolonija Šušteršič, an architect and visual artist, is a former Visiting Researher at NTU CCA Singapore.Reseach FocusContemporary art/ activist practices and current urban struggles over the provision of green spaces in large cities

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Mark Nash is a curator and writer. He was a Visiting Research Fellow at NTU CCA Singapore in 2015.Research Focus1. Historical legacy of independence and liberation struggles and cold war politics, including the non-aligned movement, in terms of the…

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Tony Godfrey is an art historian and curator. He has been writing on contemporary art for over thirty-five years and to date he has published more than 130 articles and 300 short pieces.Research Focus:1. Conceptual art in Southeast Asia (Maritime)…

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Jesko Fezer is an architect, designer, and Professor for Experimental Design, University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, co-manager of the thematic bookshop Pro qm, Berlin, and co-editor of the political architecture magazine An Architektur.Research…

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Regina (Maria) Möller is an artist and previously Visiting Professor at NTU ADM, Singapore, and Visiting Research Fellow at NTU CCA Singapore.

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Dr Yvonne Spielmann is a researcher and academic writer. Previously she was Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore.Research FocusResidency period: 1 January – 31 March 2016 Yvonne Spielmann’s research aims to…

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Sissel Tolaas is a smell researcher and artist. Since 1990 she has collected an archive of 7,800 scents and has conducted City SmellScape research of and for 52 cities around the world.Research FocusFellowship period: 1 July – 31 December 2016 During…

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Dr Etienne Turpin is a philosopher, research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and founding director of anexact office in Jakarta, Indonesia.Research FocusFellowship period: 1 June – 31 December 2016 During his residency, Dr…

Dr Yvonne P. Doderer is Professor for Gender & Cultural Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf, and runs the Office for Transdisciplinary Research & Cultural Production.
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